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Frequently Asked Questions


Inferno Farms uses flat rate shipping based on the total weight of your order. Packages will be sent Priority Mail with USPS.​ Tracking numbers will be emailed at the time of label printing. If you do not receive tracking info, please contact us.

Depending on volume of orders, your package may be delayed a few days. If you feel you've waited too long, please contact us with any issue.

Broken bottles in shipment

We are happy to address any package that arrives with a broken bottle in it. Generally we will replace the lost item and cover shipping to get you a new one. Please send us pictures of the packaging and unopened broken bottle and a message and we'll get you a replacement ASAP.​

Why does my sauce taste a little different or is hotter or not as hot as the last one I had?

As with any all-natural product, there may be slight variation in taste or color because of the differences in produce consistency. Our spiciness may also vary slightly due to the differences in heat consistency as well. We do make sure our suppliers are providing produce of the highest quality and consistency possible.​

What do I do if I open a new bottle and it pops, explodes or lets out a lot of gas?

The production of carbon dioxide gas typically happens when products are fermenting, this leads to a build up of pressure and may result in an unfortunate explosive event. Our production process is very clean and follows the highly regulated Cannery Laws for the State of California and every production batch is inspected by the State before being released for sale, however, there is always potential for contamination and resulting fermentation before reaching the customer. Though extremely rare, if such an occurrence does happen, DO NOT CONSUME and discard the contents of the offending bottle and contact us about getting a replacement.

I love your sauce, where can I find you in stores?

We are constantly growing our reach of retail partners and are always looking for more. Check out our Find Us page to see locations we are currently in.

If you know of a store or place you think our products would be a good addition to, please let us know.

Do you grow your own peppers for your sauces?

Our current production levels of our sauces and growth have gone beyond what I am able to produce at my facilities. I source from the greatest pepper growers in this country that provide the best product money can buy.​

I do grow quite a bit of Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reapers that allow me to produce the Lava Drops from my own growing operations each year. I am also currently speaking with local farmers about expanding my volume of peppers on a contract basis. More to come.

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